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The importance of writing

Actualizado: 6 de oct de 2020

(Anne Frank)

In the

beginning of this month the documentary “Parallel Stories” entered to the Netflix catalog.

The tribute came for the 90 years that the girl would complete if she were alive.

Actress Helen Mirren breaks the fourth wall by sensibly reading Anne Frank's diary, which tells how were the years that she spent with her family hidden from the Nazis.

The documentary is rich in testimonies, as it presents the reports that five women who survived the Holocaust when they were children.

Each story is exciting, and to have survived the concentration camp, a victory. Victory that never lessened the pain and trauma of that sordid time.

One of the women got to know Anne Frank, the two stayed in the same room for a few weeks.

Watching the documentary, I remembered the movie “Schindler's List”, which I watched when I was in high school, and those scenes in which bodies were thrown into ditches were very shocking.

And I also thought about the importance of writing for the whole story. Thankfully, Anne Frank, despite all the fear and suffering, wrote the diary and is still with us today through her words.

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Juliana Sfair

Actress, Writer and Cultural Producer

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Translation by

Karen Poltronieri

Librarian, English Teacher and Feminist master student with project in favor of the end of violence against women.

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