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Jane Eyre

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An exquisite period film with a strong female protagonist

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I watched the film "Jane Eyre" based on the

novel by the British writer Charlotte Brontë published in 1847.

Jane became an orphan when she was still a child, alone in the world she grew in her aunt’s house who wasn’t kind with her, in fact she suffered punishments and bullying from her cousins – but she didn’t stay quiet through the injustices, she always contested.

Sending by her aunt to an intern school (one of the cheapest), but the most strict, faces death once again. Her best friend, a sweet girl, dies from a typhoid fever – I believe that Jane, when faced with these moments of pain, also gets stronger and stronger internally.

To exceed in a hostile world, she dedicates herself to studies, when she leaves boarding school gets a job as a private teacher at the home of Thornfield Hall, belonging to Mr. Edward Rochester where she spends the day teaching little Adele.

The high point of the narrative and the plot's endings happen when Jane arrives at the house, which hides some secrets. The feature set in 19th century English society, is a formation novel with a strong female protagonist.

Jane Eyre understood that in order to remain free in a strict society with women it was necessary to control her emotions, think before speaking and be centered.

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Juliana Sfair

Actress, Writer and Cultural Producer

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Translation by

Karen Poltronieri

Librarian, English Teacher and Feminist master student with project in favor of the end of violence against women.

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