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“And it’s not my fault / not even where I was / or how I was dressed”

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The song and choreography “Un violador en tu camino”, was presented to the world during the period of the protests in Chile in 2019, the ones that had your fuse due to the abusive increase in public transport fares reminding us, Brazilians, the 2013 June protests.

Amid the social commotion that was already installed in the country, the Chilean women collective Lastesis in the week of November 25th international day to combat violence against women, spread what in minimum time it will be declared a hymn of the feminist movement reproduced by many groups of women around the world.

page photo: https://los40.cl/2019/las-tesis-nona-fernandez-conversatorio-37274.html

One of the performance creators a member of Lastesis, Cometa, in an interview to the BBC website said that “It is a criticism to the institutions that remains the patriarchy, especially the Justice that is thought, built and executed by men who prohibit the abortion and omit when it comes to punishing the violence against women especially domestic violence and feminicide”, it is a schedule that refers to the internationalism of the cause.

It’s very symbolic that this song has been considered in so little time as a feminist hymn, the song that rises at the heart of a popular revolt in a Latin American country been recognized in so many other realities, a song that opens wide the patriarchal society and your institutions. A performance that unmasks the violator, a violator that is a judge, is the State, is the President, they are the maintainers of the machism that is structured in the submission of women subduing them by violence.

The lyrics also treats the sexual violence reinforcing this chorus: “Y la culpa no era mía, ni dónde estaba ni cómo vestía”. The existence of a massive attempt to blame the victim questioning the woman’s behavior to condemn her.

“Un violador en tu camino” continues to be reproduced by women’s movements around the world, because however diverse we may be there is a social structure that violates our rights in our own path.










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Write by

Cristiane Duarte

Feminist lawyer active in the area of family law and defense of women’s right.

Personal archive

Translation by

Karen Poltronieri

Librarian, English Teacher and Feminist master student with project in favor of the end of violence against women.

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